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How you eat, move, sleep, and think sets you up for success. This is the first well-rounded and comprehensive guide designed for you as a self-paced course so you can continually learn, grow, and improve in all areas of your health, wellbeing, and performance. This course includes these topics as well as ongoing self-assessments and planning activities:




Recovery & inflammation

Social life & alcohol

Body composition

Goal setting

Equations and Assessments 

and more! 


Upon completion of survey, you will recieve downloadable links to the digital course workbook and access to the video library. If you prefer a hard copy of the guidebook, optional print-on-demand is available as an eco-friendly option! All course materials will be delivered via email from to the email address provided during checkout. Please allow up to 24 hours upon request and check your spam folder.  If there is no email recieved within 24 hours of request, please submit request with proof of purchase to


Click this link to start the survey: START SURVEY

Performance and Wellness Course

  • Course purchase includes downloadable workbook and educational materials and video library access for verbal explanations. There is no live communication between parties. There is no organized communication group for purchasers. All purchaser information is kept confidential. 

    No refunds after purchase. All payments are nonrefundable. Technological issues impacting access to materials after purchase will be managed on case by case basis. 

    This program is intended and only suitable for individuals aged 18 and above. Materials specific to alcohol use are intended and only suitable for individuals aged 21 and above. The information in this program is not meant to diagnose, treat, or make claims regarding specific health conditions or interventions for purchasers. The information in this program is not meant to replace recommendations from purchaser’s primary care health provider. The information in this program is not meant to make claims, diagnose, treat, or replace recommendations from purchaser’s mental or behavioral health care provider. The information in this program is not meant to make claims of, or guarantee outcomes. 

    Only the purchaser is granted a non revocable, non-transferable license for personal, non-commercial use only, limited to only the purchaser. Purchaser agrees to keep username and password confidential. Purchaser agrees to keep downloaded program materials confidential and for personal use only. Course creator owns any materials created but grants purchaser permission to use the materials for their personal use only. Course creator owns all intellectual property within program materials and on any third-party websites that Jen Hatz LLC may use to deliver or advertise the program. 

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