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Virtual Courses

Performance and Wellness virtual courses for you to have all the well-rounded health, performance, and wellness coaching you need 

These virtual programs provide you with the education, tools, and support you need, and designed for you to have access no matter your location, and to go through at your own pace.


 Course Includes

Learning with a Purpose

These courses were originally created as an educational series of team talks when I saw how athletes were being misled, misinformed, and placed at high-risk from those they trusted most. I knew I needed to talk with athletes directly to properly educate them on their own bodies, how to best take care of their health, acheive optimal performance, and empower them to be in control of their own decision-making.



You can view the material at your own pace and your own schedule. No meetings or consultations needed, because your time is valuable and how you use it is imperative.

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View a free preview of the Performance and Wellness Course here .

New courses coming soon! 

New courses coming soon! Stay in the Know

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