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You are more than just a number.

You are more than just a body.

You are more than what you do,

provide, perform, achieve

It's who you are

You are not a human doing,

you are a human being,

and your wellbeing matters.

You matter. 

What's happening inside of you matters.

You are the MVP of your own life

and it's time to care for all parts of you.

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Performance and Wellness Course

A Holistic, Integrative, Innovative approach to assessing and optimizing your health, wellbeing, and performance so you can be well, do well, and live well-rounded.

The HII Method is a not-for-profit effort in research and education. This course is offered FREE to ALL. To access the course, complete the anonymous survey in the link below. Course materials will be sent via email after completing the survey.


Your survey responses remain anonymous and are solely used for impact reporting for the objectives of The HII Method mission and vision statement, and to inform of adjustments needed. 

You are not stuck.

You are not behind. 

You are not stalled, 

or failing, 

or wrong.

You are exactly

where you need to be

right now.

Your progress feels slow

Because it is

and it should be. 

Slow is smooth,

smooth is fast. 

You feel overwhelmed

and you have every right to.

You have high expectations, 

of yourself,

of others,

of partners, teammates, 


where everyone works together

for a common goal.

You don't need to carry

the weight of the world,

it's already carrying you.

It's time to get back to basics,

and simplify your efforts

to get the most out of you,

while taking care of you.


There is more to you than what you DO

Taking care of WHO you are means assessing and optimizing all areas, and improving your health, wellbeing, and performance naturally; powered by neuroscience, nutrition, physiology, and social, environmental, and behavioral psychology. You deserve to be well, do well, and live well-rounded, because

it's who you are. 

You deserve to have the tools, and learn the skills, to take care of yourself, because only then

can you give back and make an impact where it matters most. 

 Course Includes


Learn to breathe easy

We place high expectations on ourselves and others; for us to achieve, perform, produce, or win, and expectations for others to fill in the gaps, support us, serve, protect, and otherwise be there in ways we can't cover. Learning how to live and perform to our own highest capacity, and to allow others the same, means we prioritize what is within our control, each of us, individually. We learn how to assess and optimize our bodies and minds, how to take care of what is within our capacity, and how to communicate and reciprocate so others can take their role as well. Trust starts with the self, and when we learn to trust in ourselves, and our ability to take care of ourselves across the board, we can breathe easy and build trust that our teammates, partners, organizations, and communities have our back. 


This course was originally created as a series of team talks when I saw how athletes were being misled, misinformed, and placed at high-risk from those they trusted most. I knew I needed to talk with athletes directly to properly educate them on their own bodies, how to best take care of their health, acheive optimal performance, and empower them to be in control of their own decision-making.

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Course Workbook

Video Library

Lifetime Access


Course Includes

Elite level insight, expertise, and guidance across 12 chapters of material; a comprehensive guide to all things performance and wellness

Walking you through what you need to know about nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, goal-setting and mindset, alcohol, social life, and more

Calendar, equations, and meal planning guide so you can create your own meals for any goal, and create a lifestyle that you can sustain 

Real-life application is what matters. This is not a research report, it's realistic advice for you to use immediately, and to adapt as you go.

Advanced techniques for targeting problem areas like body composition, sleep,  alcohol & social life

Self-assessments allow you to self-reflect without any fear of judgement; giving you the tools to problem-solve even the most challenging areas

Adaptable methods that can apply at any time of year, any goal you're working on, and any level of experience

This is not a one-and-done-plan but instead a lifestyle guide with ranges of detail so you can have high detail when you need it, and more relaxed when it's appropriate 

Easy to access, downloadable, with options for eco-friendly print-on-demand if you prefer a hard copy of the book

24/7 Lifetime accessibility across all devices with an option for hard-copy book 


This method is different from the rest, and that's why it works. Seeing you as an individual, all parts of you, seeing your differences, and meeting you where you're at, so you can stay focused on what matters.


You can expect to gain trust in your body, trust in yourself, and know what to keep track of, what matters, and what doesn't. 

You'll learn how to take care of yourself in every way.

Education & Health
Access for all

Education and health-related knowledge should be accessible to all. This course is offered free to all. To gain access to the course, you are asked to complete an anonymous survey first, and a follow-up survey after completing the course. This provides valuable information about the outcomes and objectives for the course so any adjustments can be made in course content, format, or delivery methods.

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