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The HII Method Philosophy

A Shift in Perspective

Every one of us is more than just a human body, we're also a human being. Using science and technology to our advantage helps us understand how the body functions. Understanding the human being applies context and allows for those individual differences to shine. It takes a human body powered by the human being to reach any goal, and to make an impact. 



To shift our perspective of what we are each capable of, and to guide each individual to understand themselves, the impact they want to make, and how to make the most of where they are currently, and the resources around them, to achieve any goal. This is done through innovating technology, advancing science, and expanding access to education and tools in a sustainable way to improve human health, wellbeing, and performance in all areas of life for an individual, a team, a community, and a collective good.


For every individual to be well, do well, and live well-rounded means that each individual feels in control of their health, their wellbeing, and is able to perform well and make a lasting impact in what matters most to them. Bringing necessary change to outdated systems and attitudes around health, wellness, and performance through sustainable efforts, social and financial responsibility, and applying humane context to clinical and performance metrics.


The HII Method fund
support purpose-driven projects

The HII Method fund is designed to support projects within The HII Method model, allocating resources to three critical areas: 

1. Research efforts towards sustainable and personalized health solutions and product design within The HII Method Innovation Lab

2. Producing publicly-accessible education within The HII Method Insight Studio

3. Supporting community and environmental sustainability within The HII Method Impact Projects


True Hydration
A life-saving project

Now announcing The HII Method Project 1: True Hydration at the cellular level

Did you know hydration is critical to your survival? 

Did you know your body prioritizes it's energy to maintaining your hydration status because it's critical to your survival? 

Did you know hydration impacts your brain first, where as little as 1% dehydration reduces your cognitive function as much as 5%

Did you know your hydration is unique and individualized to you?

Did you know the most likely cause of hydration-related deaths and injuries is from not knowing actual hydration status and not having the right solutions  on hand?

This is the first non-invasive and safe-to-use assessment of true hydration status from a brain-first perspective, with easily accessible solutions readily available. 

A portion of all proceeds goes to Water. Org, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and One Tree Planted. 

The Methodology

Taking a Holistic + Integrative + Innovative approach and applying it to health, performance, and wellness. Using science and technology to learn about ourselves and how to adapt so we can meet or exceed any goal we have.


All parts are interconnected to make up the whole. 
Our body is not comprised of separate systems working independently. Everything is connected and always working dynamically to keep you alive, functioning, and thriving. 
You have an internal environment of interconnected parts, designed to coexist with your external environment.


Separate concepts come together in unity
Separate fields of study like nutrition, exercise physiology, psychology, and environmental factors all come together to provide context of the individual and their experience. 
There's no progress without perspective;  context gives perspective.


New methods; advanced and original. 
Forward-thinking and progressive changes to old systems, tools,
and ideas. Using technology to our advantage to optimize human potential, in support of human nature.
The goal is not to out-science the human body, but to learn from it through science.

How this applies to YOU

Using science and technology to our advantage, we can learn about these interconnected and dynamically changing factors that come together to make up you as the human body and the human being you are. 

 Your Internal Environment

Your body is intelligently designed and complex with it's own internal environment of interconnected systems, chemical reactions, hormone signaling, and more. This design is so intelligent, it has it's own language that you need to learn. Your body will communicate with you through biofeedback, symptoms, and responses. 

We use technology, like a wearable device tracking HRV, and biomarker assessments like blood tests to understand what your body is communicating. 

Your External Environment

That intelligence of your internal environment is designed to coexist with your external environment. Food and water that exists outside of your body gets broken down and used for energy within your body, and builds and operates all the cells and tissues you have. Sunlight and light exposure dictates and directs your circadian rhythm, driving your sleep hormonally. When you learn what your body is communicating, you can make decisions in your external environment to give what it needs internally.

We use technology to track changes in our external factors, like food tracking, to identify the best decisions for what we need.

Where they come together

The last piece of this intelligent design is the most complex, where the human body connects with the human being: the human brain. Everything that know, you had to learn. This learning process requires insight from an external source, repeatedly reinforced until it becomes a belief, an attitude, an action. That means your perception of yourself, others, and the world around you is entirely shaped by external influences. The system, support, and influences around you can reinforce attitudes and beliefs that dictate your actions (in your external environment) and therefore your body's responses (in your internal environment). A placebo effect is a phenomenon that illustrates this, as well as athletes breaking records or setting new ones. Our capacity is limited to what we believe it to be.

Surround yourself with influences, support, and resources that reinforce your capacity to meet or exceed your goals.


It starts with you

Holistic, Integrative, Innovative
Where advancements in science & technology meet the human being

You are the cross-section where these worlds join, and where human potential becomes action. It depends on you first. It depends on what you feed yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and the support, resources, tools, and influences around you. It depends on your internal environment, your immediate environment, and the large scale environment. It depends on your knowledge of yourself, the questions you ask, and the answers you seek. This is a methodology where science and technology meets humanity and individuality. 

Everything we do and everything about us is an energy exchange. What we take in, and what we're able to do with it, translates to what we put out, and able to make of it.

Evolution is the name of the game

We can no longer afford to be held back by outdated attitudes and beliefs. Technology advances and we advance with it. Our understanding of humans improves, and we improve with it. Bridging the gap means using technology to learn about ourselves better, to advance the science behind our decisions, and to bring this knowledge to everyone, because we're all human.  

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