Need more?

Chill, this is nothing like any coaching you've ever had. You'll learn something new everyday, and you might even enjoy it

performance nutrition

Individualized nutrition coaching

Muscle-building, fat-loss

 Support lean body mass for performance



Grocery assistance and delivery

Meal prep plans and delivery

Menu and food ordering


On the road and don't know what to eat? At a hotel and can't stand the food?

I can set up food delivery straight to you

sleep and recovery

Sleep tracking, sleep coaching

Active recovery plans with yoga, mobility

Plans for injury/surgery rehab

Maintain muscle mass while rehabbing 

Load management

Stress management


Can't sleep before a game? Do you feel tired and slow all the time?

We can create a plan to have you always gameday ready


Clear your head, shut out the noise

Find your focus, purpose, intent

Keep a short-term memory on the field

Feel your love for the game

Motivational techniques

Meditation prompts


Can you keep your cool and move on to the next play? Do you feel stuck in a rut, exhausted, doubting yourself?

I can help you stay focused and fresh

life skills

Interview and communication skills

Relationship-building skills

Using your platform to make a difference

Embracing your personality and interests with your community outreach, big-picture life goals, branding


Are you shy or quiet around recruiters, agents, coaches, media, and other personnel? Do you feel lost with interview questions or don't know what to say to keep conversations flowing? 

How you present yourself off the field is just as important as how you play. We can develop your skills so you are well-rounded and leave a lasting impact.