Have a big group?

Group education or team talks for any size group

get on the same page

Hearing a message as a group builds a foundation of


Being in a group allows for a collaboration of thoughts, questions, experiences and solutions

Leaving with a unified goal promotes accountability

performance topics

Eating and fueling for performance

Busting diet myths 

Muscle building, fat loss

Nutrition basics for all

Nutrition specific for position group


Recovery basics 

Understanding sleep

Mindset and visualization

What you need to know about supplements and which ones to take

lifestyle topics

Working together as a team

How to handle travel/hotel stays

Being smart with your social life

How to strike a balance

Maximize your sleep

Navigating long hours and full schedules

How to be a leader and inspire others

How to make a positive impact in your team


*Pricing for Team Talks depends on size of the group, location, & length of time. Options for packages that add custom content and group education series


TEAM TALKS & GROUP EDUCATION can be individualized to the group based on what they need, whether it's the whole team, position groups, or coaches or families.